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Who We Are:

Our firm is a full time Exporter-Importer of

                 Cow (Ox) Gallstones (Bezoars, Niuhuang).

We have been in the Export-Import business for 16 years, with our headquarter offices located in San Francisco, CA, USA.


What We Offer:

Our Product - Cow Gallstone is known for its high-quality and natural processing; and the renderings are always obtained from disease free protein fed cattle.

  • We have the ability to supply several kilograms monthly.
  • According to our standard ratio of whole stone to broken stone, we can proudly say our ratio is between 70/30 and 80/20.
  • We pride ourselves on prompt shipments via air courier either by DHL or UPS.
  • Our gallstones originate from Russia, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan and other countries of the former USSR, from Africa, Bolivia, Argentina and Mexico.
  • We supply our product to leaders of pharmaceutical industry around the World.


Please feel free to communicate with us, as we are ready to service your needs while conducting business in a prompt ethical manner which we are known for.


We look forward to your response as well as doing business with you.






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